The week in brief

August 21st – 25th

A study from Germany found that for patients with binge eating disorder, face-to-face therapy is better than internet-based self-help intervention from a medical perspective, but in terms of improving the patients’ quality of life and stabilizing their BMI, either option should work.

A small study by the Michael J Fox Foundation confirmed that a drug used to treat type 2 diabetes may help patients with Parkinson’s control motor symptoms. The trial is too small to change how Parkinson’s treated today, but the drug they tested is due to go off patent this year, lowering the cost barrier to larger trials.

A group at UC San Francisco developed PREPARE, a website to help people with advance care planning. Their latest study with veterans showed that using the website together with a simple legal form helped more patients document their end-of-life plans.

Immunotherapies are important advances in the treatment of cancers like melanoma. As we are seeing them used more in clinics, we are starting to get a sense of their safety profile and the types of new side effects that can happen.

A Sloan Kettering study profiled the safety and tolerability of a pair of immunotherapies used to treat melanoma. They found that 3 in 5 patients didn’t make it to their fourth dose because of side effects or cancer progression, but noted that patients may still benefit with less than four doses.


Kaposi sarcoma is a type of skin cancer often linked to AIDS. Patients with Kaposi sarcoma are at greater risk of other cancers.

A new study found that the rate of Kaposi sarcoma has come down since the advent of HIV meds. The types of secondary cancers have also changed over time, notably with fewer non-Hodgkin lymphomas and more acute lymphocytic leukemias.

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